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4) Kid-N-me becomes

KNM Performance

Coupled with more "best intentions" than knowledge in running a full service shop and showroom and the fact that we were then taking advice and doing business with many who talked a good game but had little substance to them past the dollar. After a couple of years we found that, very few truly cared about this sport as much as they cared about making a buck. That's not what we got into this for and it's not necessary.
We believe that if you build a strong foundation by first, being honest then putting out a quality product that you stand behind and treat people, like you would want to be treated yourself, you will eventually succeed.


5) Lesson learned.

In 2011/12, we kicked everyone to the curb and I do mean everyone! No more cheating, money grubbing finance companies. No more clueless advertising companies. No more buggy and part distributors who don't even know their own products. We were done with them all! (I know, I'm still a bit bitter!) :-)
We had no money but we did have a great non profit organization, a web site and even more knowledge and passion than when we started, we'd figure it out!

We began with a 250cc Buggy we bought for the family to play around in back in 2005 and it soon turned into a family business. We are passionate about the buggy and their owners and are now the top experts in the field because of it!

We've made a lot of mistakes along the way but learned a lot as well. We love to help others with repairs and Mods on these machines and most are a snap if you have someone to show you how.
Read along and see how we came to be.

2) KNM started as

We started as just a Dad with a teenage son, looking for help on the Internet for our 250 buggy because our dealer sucked! Dad's handle on the forums was Kid-In-Me (The buggy brought out the kid in me).

There were very few 250cc buggies out there at the time and fewer 250 buggy folks on the forums so we quickly became an eager "Test buggy" for back yard performance upgrades. We decided to post our trials and tribulations for others to follow in our progress. We then bought a camera so we could post videos of the things we were doing and talking about in the forums.
That naturally led to our "how-to" videos.
We were compiling a lot of useful information and we were passionate about getting this info out there more efficiently.

We figured the best way to do that was to start a buggy organization. We were told by the ATVA and State Farm Insurance that,
in order for us to be taken seriously by the states in which our buggies operated and to effect any changes in laws, we needed to be backed by a non profit organization and run for at least 2 years or more with full documentation being kept.

To that end, in the Spring of 2007, we started the Not for Profit, Mini-Buggy Riding Assoc.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Our stock 250 buggy was a bit slow off the line and it was killing our hill climbing ability. After buying some very expensive, considered
"the Best", performance parts, we only improved our torque "marginally". This was not what we were expecting nor what we were told.

Since we already started at the top of the food chain in performance parts, there was no where else to go to get the performance we needed to get. We had to see if we could "Tweak" what we had.

Long story short, we figured it out then started telling others what we had.

Although we did shop our designs around to existing distributors and Mfg's at first, no one wanted to take on the project. (I was shocked!)
Since we had the utmost faith that we really had something with our variator design and the fact that "Not caring" was a familiar trend with others in the business, we mortgaged the farm, found an attention hungry, start-up factory in Taiwan, and built them ourselves!
Now, we have reconfigured how we operate that does the most good for everyone.
Our parts are a success so we started a full Online store backed by a warehouse of replacement and performance parts and also  Started KidNme's Garage to show folks how to do their own repairs and install performance parts so they don't have to pay us $65 an hour for labor any more!
Who else would do that? A company that truly cares, we would say!

Finally were we should be!

We're finally where we should be....almost.

Family owned, operated and if we could find a machine shop to make our parts, those would be made here in the good ol' USA too. This is our next hurdle and one we're sure to figure out as well.

Since we started from the ground up by doing everything ourselves, our riding experience gives you proven parts and upgrades that you won't find anywhere else and they'll do what we say they will!
 Folks buy our Exclusive "KNM" Performance parts because they know they are designed and tested here in our shop then additional "real world" testing is done by MBRA members all across the country and abroad, before they ever make it to our shelves! It's our name on them and you can call or email us and talk to anyone from the actual part designer, to the person who packed your order!

Our DR2 Variator, Shorty clutch kits and DIgital CDI's are our babies and they stand at the top of their class and you'll soon see that, because of our passion, so does KNM!

In a nutshell?

If you've ever taken advice from someone and it didn't work out, you'll know why we started KNM. Advice is great but things don't always work the same way for you as it does for another and sometimes, there may even be a little "embellishment" involved.
If we show you how things work, you won't be snookered into buying something you don't want or need. It simply makes it easier for you to take the right advice. Sure, we would like for you to buy all your parts from us but even if you decide to purchase your parts elsewhere, you will be more informed and less likely to get ripped off.

It's what we wish we had when we started and

we hope our tutorials and parts help you get where you want to be with as little out of pocket as you can!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and we hope we've left you with a positive impression!

From all of us, Thank you!


6) Our DR2 variator and SHorty Clutch!

About Kid-N-me

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The Mini Buggy is a Family thing!

1) We've been around since 2006 & Still going strong

3) Kid-In-Me becomes

3) KidNme

 Next in this whole process, we needed  dealers and manufacturers to help us support this new off road sport. This is where we hit a brick wall. No one wanted to help and we called everyone from our local dealer to Hammerhead, Joyner, Carter, MRP to

Union materials (DRPulley).

How can they claim to be all about the buggy and not put in any effort to support this sport that doesn't have a dollar sign in the front of it first? We never asked for money, we only needed verbal backing for gosh sakes, especially when we had done all the rest already and were successful with it! Everyone had their hands out! Are you kidding me? If we all worked together, the sport would grow stronger than ever and that, in turn, would improve their sales! Forest through the trees guys, forest through the trees.

Getting frustrated, we were venting a bit on the forums when a small Buggy distributor PM'd us and suggested we start our own shop and sell their buggies.

We figured that maybe then, we could have the whole circle in place. The folks on the forums agreed and speculated at how nice it would be to have a dealer on there who actually rides and knows buggies!

We opened our first full service shop and sales floor in 2009 in PA and Father and Son became the Kid -N (and) -Me.
Soon after......