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If you would like to drop us a line and let us know how we're doing, we'll put it up here so others can see.
It's because of all of you that we have come this far and we promise to never rest!
When you write us, be sure to let us know where you're from too.

YOUr Letters TO US, Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time for the advice. If no one has told you lately or today. Your help is much appreciated. Not sure how many times I've needed some knowledge of people. They aren't ever as open as you have been. Thank you so much.

                                                                                                         -Kevin B.-


I just returned from a business trip and got the clutch and brake pads that you sent me.
Thank You so much for going the extra mile and including an entire new clutch assembly!
It's very refreshing to meet someone who actually knows the meaning of
customer service, and who will take an extra step to insure a good
relationship with their customers.  Please know that I will spread this
story around and hopefully the favor will be returned to you a
Thank you again for all of your
help and advice over the years.  We will continue to consider you our
best friend in the World of Buggies!
Take care,
Gary K.

You probably don't remember me but we talked on the phone for over an hour and I needed to let you know that you have made our family very happy and you probably don't even know it.
I learned more in that hour with you than the whole 2 years i owned my gokart!
After doing what you told me to I found that you were right on with your
assessment. My clutch and rollers were bad but what impressed me was
that you didn't try to sell me any thing first. You actually tried to
help me fix it without spending anything and we really appreciate it! I
lost my job last year and things have been tight.  I have a better job
now and things are better so
I ordered the ultimate 250 kit and WOW!
We haven't even installed everything yet and this is a whole new machine!
I just wanted to let you know that your help came at the best time.
Your web site was a big help too. Keep up the great work!
Sammi R.
Provo Utah

Its been a blast working with you and I
appreciate all the help that you've given. The parts are well priced and
extremely easy to put on. Its nice to work with people that actually
ride and care about what they sell. Keep On Riding
Mudd Seekers
Anna, Texas

Hey there guys,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the order that you sent me.
My mail man just this minute dropped off the new 1500 RPM Torque Spring that I ordered from KNM.
Also, imagine my surprise when I saw the 24 gram Roller Weights that you included, F.O.C. 
Tom, I can not thank you enough, it was very nice of you.
No one has ever done anything like that for me before.
Usually, everybody's out for themselves, and what's important to them is what they can get out of the deal.
Anyway, just know that I really do appreciate the gesture, and your thoughtfulness.
I hope that you and your family enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Take care and thanks again.
Dan M.
ps: I'll let you know how things work out.

Now that we are finally on the road
again, I can do a review of our recent purchase but I think it is more
important to mention your tech guy Tom, who actually talked us out of
more parts than he sold! I don't know if that is company policy or not
and I hope we don't get him in trouble but that, was worth way more than
the actual parts we bought in our opinion. (Which are also working
great BTW and now we want more!)!
We never expected to get anyone who would care, let alone take the time
to walk us through some of the basics like he did. He didn't make me
feel stupid, was VERY PATIENT and answered all of my many questions and
his positive outlook on things really helped me out of our funk over
this whole mess, we can't thank you guys enough!
If everyone at knm is like Tom, you guys must be very successful!
We have read all of your reviews and would be proud to be added to your list of satisfied customers!
Here is a picture of all of us with our Scoots on a beautiful ride we recently had, thanks to you!
You have an extended family in Missouri if you''re ever up this way again!
Sharron says she will bake you that chocolate cake if it would help!
Your friends,
Nick and Sharron H. (MI)

I am sorry it has taken so long to get this info to you.
My work cut back my hours and it has been tough to make ends meet for a couple months.
We are back into full swing and have recently installed one of your performance kits in our gokart.
I just took the CVT cover off to do an inpsection after about 100 miles and
everything looks good. It looks like it will be a while before I need the rebuild kit I bought but it is noce to know I have it.
We didn't install the 30mm pumper yet because I figured why tempt fate
but will be installing it this weekend after watching your videos.
Thank you for the extra jets too! It is allowing us to run your kit
without your cdi and uni filter until we were ready to do that part. I
didn't expect that thank you!
I promise I will send more data. We just bought a Trailtech speedo so we can get before and after numbers for you.
Here are a few pics of the rebuild I promised you.
There will be more to follow!
Marcus - (PA)

we are almost done with our 150 Ruckus conversion and your parts look and work amazing!
(A clear CVT cover would really show them off Hint, Hint)
We have taken her out for a few test rides and am not sure which part is
doing the best because we installed them at the same time. (I know
that's why you said not to!)
We are running your DR2 with 8 and 10 gram rollers but will try 3 of the lighter slider weights you suggested too.
The Shorty is hooking up great. I don't have a GPS but I can feel the difference at takeoff and up hills.
I can already tell that you were right on the money and can't wait to
finish this. Do you have an exhaust that will fit? Nothing to expensive.
I am also interested in that new digital cdi with the dc toggle you
mention on the site.
Can you tell me more about it? Maybe I will put that one on my scooter.
 I promise, if you have the parts, I will always buy them from you first!
Let me know about the exhaust when you gat a chance.
Flattop - (WI)

I placed my order last night but wanted to thank you again for all your help.
I am sure after speaking with you that I have ordered the right parts
and can not wait to get this thing fixed. My youngest son is asking
every day when we will get it fixed so he can ride again.
I told him that he has to install the parts with me if he wants to ride. (He doesn't know we are adding performance parts yet!)
Thank you for the advice!
We are looking forward to using everything you taught us.
we are watching all your videos again so we are ready when the parts get here and feel confident we can do it.
I will probably call you a couple times when I get stuck on something and it's cool to know you will be there for us!
Thank you for all you do!
Rick S. -(MI)

you probably dont remember me but i had to write to thank you for the
advice the other day. you were right it was the vacuume line connected
the jets were realyy mucked up too, how did you know!
i thought it was my cluch and almost bought one.
you saved me a lot of money and i wont forget it!
i will tell every one what you did for me and will be back once i get
this thing running right to buy some of your performance parts!
Ed in the UK

First, I would like to thank you for the huge amount of time you spent with me on the phone!
I have NEVER experienced that level of customer support anywhere, especially when I told you I wasn't buying anything!
Since we are selling our buggy, I didn't want to put a lot into it but
after speaking with you, you're right getting it running right first
will net us more money for it and your help in keeping my costs down
while doing it was very nice.
You will notice that we have placed a larger order than what we talked about (#xxxx).
Your enthusiasm is contagious and we have decided to keep it.  I can't
wait to get these new parts installed and go out riding again, you have
renewed our faith that there is someone out there who truly wants to
Your web site is also amazing and we will be sure to video our repairs as we go and send them to you.
We want to "Pay it forward" too! :-)
Thank you so much!
Your new friends,
Phil, Ann, Kyle and Cory W.
South Miami Florida

Tom, I had to write to let you know that I received your shorty clutch & installed it.
Took her for a ride & What a difference! Much sharper throttle
response & good uphill climbingability, especially steep short
hills, just like you said. Much less engine lag & more top end
speed. Great product, it's everything you said it would be.
It's nice to know there is support and products not
manufactured by the "big" companys.

"Never, EVER have I come across someone who is so willing an eager to help a 
stranger. I sincerely thank you for that, and I think it would be a better world 
if more people would do the same.
As for my buggy, I Adjusted the carb a few times and 
noticed it getting a little better. I finally put the cover back on the air 
filter and as I'd been doing in my garage, I held my foot on the brake while it 
was in gear and used a hockey stick to hit the gas expecting it to bog down 
again. This time however, I did a burnout lol. Took it out for a drive and she's 
purring like an angry kitten now!!! 180's, uphill, all is good.
Once again, thanks SO much for the help. It restores my faith in people" 
Jason (SE)

Hi Tom,
 Thanks for your prompt response over the 
Christmas period and your advise on the shipping. The goods arrived to my door 
in Australia in 10 days which is really good. I found the UPS tracker very 
helpful. I now know if I need parts, I will definitely look your way first. 
 The kids and the big ones are happy that the buggy is back in action.
thanks again!
Kylie & Shannon M. (AU)

I've learned quite a bit. Some from silly mistakes like the air filter 
cover, some from problem solving. All lessons learned are now in the vault, and 
there's room for more. Thanks again for all the help. I told my wife about your 
helpful email and the length of it. She asked how much it's costing me and I 
told her it was just friendly email.
"Awe, well is that ever nice of him"
Keep doing what you're doing. It's nice to see a father and son involved in 
something like this together!
Thanks so much!

Just wanted to say thanks, parts arrived today, never thought id get them in three days, when ordering the week of christmas.. thanks for fixing my YAHOO mistake too, im sure the "big box web store" wouldnt have! we will surely do bussiness in the future..happy holidays to you and yours",


KidNme You were right! the shorty clutch is an absolute must have for any hammerhead owner!  I bought one after watching how easy it was to install in your video and it  IS just that easy!  All around best upgrade I have bought for my 150 hammerhead.  No more bogging way down in the mud and getting stuck  in 3 inches of sand. I highly recommend the Shorty!  Tom you are a real credit to this industry and I thank you for always taking  the time to personally give me the information I am looking for and explain  the parts I am considering in detail. Thanks again!" Kris-G (MI) 

Thank you for your help.  I like what you are doing with your DR2 and based on what I have seen so far, I think  you have come up with the better product.
I will get it ordered and hopefully I can get get it installed next week but regardless,
I am looking forward to it. I will let you know how it goes.
Roger C. (CA)

You guys are awesome!...
I cant believe it.. I followed all your steps... 
VIOLA!!! Thank you so much.
You were right, It was the screw on the clutch that 
came loose. I gave a guy 5$to tighten it.. (I guess 5$wasnt enough) and as 
soon as I took the bolt off... The whole unit came flying out.
Even my 9 yr old son was amazed. 
We were already looking into a new engine.
One last question... What kind of gasket do I need? short case or long 
I use a 157QMJ with a 743-20-30 belt.
(Las Cruces NM) 

I'm getting ready to jump on your site to check on some other parts as well that 
I've realized I desperately need (tons of rubber pieces crumbling apart). All 
stuff I knew was happening, but your tips and videos reminded me and let me know 
there was an option for replacement, and told me where to look. Awesome stuff. 
 I'd say you saved me hundreds of dollars between your tips and videos and the 
conversation we had! And that's not counting what you will save me on my future 
orders! I'd say that's a Win/Win! Thanks again!
Thanks Tom, its so great to talk directly with someone who is familiar with the 
product and its development and application.
Andy (Au)
First off, it was great talking to you earlier today. And Secondly, THANK 
YOU! Our conversation some how made something click, and I came home this 
evening and worked on my buggy. And found that there were several issues, but 
NOT the CDI. If at all possible could I cancel this order? That would allow me 
to buy the PERFORMANCE stuff I've been dying to buy, but haven't felt confident 
enough to pull the trigger on. Because now I have someone who really knows what 
they are talking about and who isn't trying to screw me over just to make a 
buck. If it's at all possible, I'd GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks again for 
taking the time to talk with me today! I look forward to talking again soon.
Brian H.

Kidnme (Tom),
I'm writing to tell you that the parts we ordered per our talk the other day, were right on the money!
You were right! This thing really woke up after the redneck intake kit.
Between the dirt carb jets and bad coil wire, this thing wouldn't go
more than 5mph before that!
If what you said about your DR2 variator kit is true also, we'll be buying
one of those as soon as they come in. we want low end torque now! Can
you let us know when you have them back in stock!
Thank you!
Bill K. (OR)
We just wanted to write you a thank you note for all you have done for us!
couldn't find anyone who was as helpful as your company. Going that
extra mile with all the pictures and information you sent us, really
made us customers for life!
Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.
We will send you some pictures of our youngest son and his Dad in our, now
running gokart (Thanks to you!) that you can use on your web site if
you want to.
Thank you again for all your help!
Sandy and Steven M. (FLA)
Hey guys!
I got my order today and saw your note.
(i had intended to reply when i read your e-mail,
but got distracted and forgot...hmm)
Yes, I intended to order the spark plug for the 250cc
as well as the 150cc stuff I ordered but good catch!
I don't think anyone else would have caught that.
I have two ATV's,.Roketas.
A 150cc GY-6 and a water-cooled 250cc 4-speed.
I'm looking into doing some mod's on both of them.
I found you guys on youtube after looking for info
on the GY-6 drive system. Watched every video you
have and learned a TON of information.
Thanx for contributing to the education of the home mechanic.
Can't wait to install my torque spring and clutch springs.
Next is the variator weights. Gonna upgrade the CDI and coil too!
Have already done the carb upgrade (jets and UNI filter).
I put Iridium plugs in my Harley and now swear by them,
so I thought it might be a good idea to do the same on the
4-wheelers but I couldn't find one for the 250, until I found you guys!
So,. thank you for being on top of things, and seeing a
conflict in my order and letting me know.
I will definately be shopping your store again soon!

________________________________8/2012 Hello Tom, No problems to bother you with this time. I Just wanted to thank you for all your help over the past two years. It is very rare these days for a company to provide the level of customer service that your company offers. While I will no longer be buying buggyparts, I have passed your info to the current buyer which I am sure he will be buying something soon. Good luck to you and your son on expanding your business and thanks again.  Best Regards, -Fred P.-

_________________________________8/2012"Hey Tom,I know its been a long while since i tested the prototype clutch for you. I just wanted to let you know how the original shorty clutch worked out for me. I finally got to test it out about a week ago. Man is it awesome!! It blows the newer version out of the water. I rode it pretty hard. I had my dad and I in it all weekend which was right about 400lbs of passenger weight total. I could tear around in my buggy no problem. With myself alone I could get up to 50mph and had torque like I've never had. Good news is when I took the cvt cover off there was almost no clutch pad dust after all that abuse. I'm not sure where you are at with the development of the new prototype But I'd say you have an awesome product with the old version! Thanks!"-Jonathan-

_____________________________8/2012"KidNme,I had to write you and let you know that you made our family very happy!We had nowhere to turn until we found you.My husband tells me you went out of your way to help him figure outwhat was wrong with our sons gokart and we didn't even buy it from you (Sorry, we didn't know you existed back then)! Then you got us the parts we needed in time for this holiday weekend. Then Pat showed me the videos he used to repair our son's gokart (And a little upgrade I hear), and they were you and your son too! Your customer service is the best we've ever seen!You and your son are a blessing and we can't thank you enough for all your help. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help promote your company.We will tell all our friends and you can use this email on your customer testimonials if you like. We are very greatful for all you did!Thank you andGod Bless!"Torry, Pat & Doris B. (NC)

______________________________7/2012"Great site! very informative. Love the videos too! I never would have touched any thing on my bike before watching them.I'm happy at the time you let me pick your brain too. hard to find that service today. I did the redneck kit a long time ago and you helped me then too now I want to try the shorty clutch next or do you think I should try the dr2 next?Either way, I will be a customer for life. Thank you"Jose E. (Ft.lauderdale)

_______________________________7/2012"Thank you for all your help. We have called several dealers looking for some help and all I can say is, they were very rude and not as knowledgable as you guys! We'll call you first from now on. We are interested in your DR2 variator kit for the 150. We've watched all your videos (very good btw) and feel like it is justthe performance part we've been looking for for our Crossfire! I'll call you Monday.Thanks again for all your advice!"Mia (SD)

_______________________6/2012"Tom when do you sleep??? You answer all my emails right away and that alone has made me a customer for life! Thank you for your help and customer service! I DID put in an order last night and can't wait to install these new parts!"Mawbi (PR)_______________________

5/2012"Tom, I can't thank you enough for all your help! Your videos are great! You and your son have inspired us! It is refreshing to actually talk to someone who knows what he's talking about. We installed the 250 vented variatorwith 18 gram rollers, 1500 contra spring and replaced the CDI with your combo unit and WOW, you were right, a big difference! Thank you again!" I'll be baaack! Rick A. (NY)__________________________

3/2012"First, I want to thank you for your great web site. I have searched all over the Internetand yours is the best by far!I never thought that I could work on my gokart by myselfuntil you showed me how!I will definately purchase all our partsfrom you guys!"Tom G. (IO)________________________

1/2012"Finished testing the clutch and spring as well as the DR2 variator on a digitaldyno. I have been fairly methodical about the data. Impressive results on both.Would like to send you the latest graph if you are interested. Also if you are bored I posted the first video on scoot dawg. Search under"performance data." Of course I made no reference to any vendors or product names but the clutch andvariator are yours. Thank you,"Jon L. (OK)

____________________________________________12/2011"Tom, again, your customer service is impeccable! We got the buggy all put back together again, and she fired right up! There's an obvious difference! thanks again for your commitment to the buggy enthusiasts!!! It was raining outside once I got er back together, but the boys didn't care! Thanks again, We'll do business again, I'm sure!An extremely satisfied customer!"
Gene.S (TX)
I purchased your 30mm pumper carburetor for my Roketa250 per your
suggestion and you were right! Not only did I get it in just 3 days,
(I'm all the way on the other side of the US from you!) but I noticed
the difference right away!
Thank you for your patients with me on the phone too.
I will be sure to do business with you again!
Jaime -(OR.)
"KidNme, It
is very hard to find someone to sells parts in the UK. Thank you for
all the time you spent with me back and forth on email. The exhaust fit
great and sound a lot better!
You asked me to get back to you with my results on the variator. The dr2
works great. I am using the 11g in the heavy ramp and 9's in the light
ramps with a 1500 spring you sent me (thank you by the way) and iam much
quicker now. My scooter group wonders what I did to my bike!I'll tell them but not right now! :-)
Jon Q. (UK)
ps. when are you getting the shorty clutch in????
Thanks again for all your help. I
replaced the coil and cdi with yours and what a differance! I didn't get
the iridum plug yet but will get it with my next order. and yes there
will be many more soon! I have never seen such good customer support!
Do you have any stickers I can put on my gokart?"
Phil T. (MN)
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This is the most Innovate clutch I have ever seen, more power more speed. I have a yerf dog spider box with a gy6 155ccc your combo ac ignition and coil. Top speed GPS with with koso cluch was 48 mph street, new top Speed with your Shorty Clutch kit, GPS 55mph street. Thanks KNM you rock!

                                                                         Martin P. -Texas


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