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Trailmaster 300XRX
CDI Pinouts to convert to our Digital CDI/Coil combo.

Here ya go. Hope this helps others. This is the pin out and color code on the stock CDI box for my 2012 Trailmaster XRX 300.
I just cut off the factory plug from both the cart and the Tuneable CDI I got from KNM, then soldered the two sets of wires together. Fired right up.
-Robby M.-

AC fired CDI Pinouts

KNM Garage Members Paying it forward!

Checking output from
your AC CDI

AC fired CDI is the same except the "N/A plug shown here will be your kill switch

150 - 250

DC fired pinouts

150 DDI SUPER Performance CDI / Coil COmbo

DC power boost from an AC CDI!

How To

Here is a short install video.
This procedure is the same for all of our Digital CDI's, in any machine.

Digital Adjustable

Performance Ignitions from KNM
with "Soft Touch" control!

More Power, better reliability, better gas mileage, more RPM's and less emissions.

Digital, Adjustable High Performance
CDI / Coil COmbo

With Digital Advance

INSTALLING and setting up YOUR NEW KNM 150cc or 250 SMART CDI with digital advance!

1) Locate and remove your stock CDI and unplug it from the wire harness. (A 4 prong plug and a 2 prong plug, side by side)

2) Next, remove your stock coil wire by disconnecting the 2 wires (Black & Green) on the back of your coil.
You won't be using these 2 wires so electrical Tape the 2 wires separately then together so they can't come in contact with each other or short out and tuck them out of the way. (DO NOT CUT THEM!)

3) Remove your stock spark plug and install an NGK Iridium or similar. (You may need to remove the metal cap on the end of your new spark plug for the plug boot to fit properly).

4) Mount your new CDI so the attached coil wire is within reach of the spark plug and secure it with quality zip ties or other secure method.
The CDI must be secured snugly. Although it is waterproof, it is not "Trauma proof".

5) Push your new CDI's spark plug boot onto your spark plug. The plug is intentionally left off the coil wire from the factory and will need to be pushed onto the coil wire snugly. Push & twist until it stops and in the direction you need it pointing.

6) Connect your new CDI's plug back to your wire harness where your old CDI was originally connected to.

7) If you have a tachometer, the red wire on the CDI (See diagram) will go to that. If you do not have a tachometer, you can tape this out of the way.

Make sure all wires are secured and away from heated or moving parts. Zip Ties are perfect but be careful not to over tighten them.
Make sure your coil wire is secured into the spark plug boot.
Check that your new CDI is snug and won't bounce against anything.
Make note of where the dials on your new CDI are pointing.
Now let's go for a ride!

Turn the key and she should fire up after a few short 3-4 second bursts. If nothing at all happens when you turn the key, check that all connections are correct and tight and try again.
If she just cranks and cranks, try a very short burst of carburetor / starting fluid into your air filter and she should fire right up.

Most folks will be able plug the CDI in and go and will not have to adjust the dials. Our CDI will improve performance right out of the box as it auto adjusts however, we know we couldn't leave them alone without giving it a try so we can't see how you'll be able to either!
First thing is, be sure you make note of the factory settings out of the box and only make very small changes at a time.
One mark on the dial at a time is sufficient.

The Digital DIAL (See diagram) is for adjusting your sparks timing while your at low to mid rpms (2500-7000 rpms)
Although our CDI will already do its thing for you, it can't hurt to see if advancing it a tad will get you even more however, remember that this dial is only for fine tuning so don't expect major changes here.
Adjust one increment on the dial at a time (DO NOT overturn this dial, it is delicate!) and run your motor up to top speed and down again and note performance. Repeat this procedure until you notice a loss in power from your motor. When this happens, back it up to the last position it ran the best.

Now that you have it running good, you may want to raise your main jet one or two sizes in order to reach your full potential and prevent you from running too lean. If you experience back firing when you let off the gas or your motor bogs down when you hit the gas, you may need to rejet.




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While cranking the motor (with DC, you only need your key to be in the "on" position), place your meter on "AC volts" then Connect your black multi-meter lead to the black ground wire at the coil wire, and with the red lead to the lighter color on your Coil wire. (Usually Green or Blue but it varies) and check your voltage output.
CDI output Can be 5% to 30% less than the output from the stator.
The minimum is around 16-18vAC.

Download KNM's PX series CDI's Wiring Instructions and Spec sheets

Digital, Adjustable High Performance
CDI / Coil COmbo

With Digital Advance

NOTE: The DDI150 CDI does not have a tach signal wire. You can run your own wire from the 4 prong plug to your tach if you need it.

When hooking the included toggle switch directly to your battery, the Toggle switch must be in the "ON" position in order for your bike to start and should be turned off when you are not riding.

This serves as an excellent anti-theft decice when you hide the switch under your seat or some other inconspicuous place.

If you do not need or want the anti-theft feature, you can omit the toggle switch and hook the red wire directly to your hot wire on your key switch. This will result in a standard key operation but you'll lose the anti-theft feature.