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Hi Tom,
I've attached my pics. I think it's a couple of steps above "Redneck" level. Maybe early NASA!

Rick E - USA

Kandi FS & Hammerhead 150cc -
Both buggies have been restored and bone stock but we're sure that won't last long!

Jeff is hard on his axles from riding hard and jumping his buggy a lot so he has come up with an ingenious idea to upgrade his rear axle with a Jeep Cherokee Axle! Who would have thought! Love the ingenuity here, way to go Jeff!

Jeff S. - Tennessee

Maxxam 150cc


-DR2 Variator w. 10g sliders
-Shorty Clutch & Bell
-AC Performance CDI
​-H.O Coil
​-Hefty Jeep Axle upgrade

Well here ya go my idea of a stout buggy axle. Started life as Jeep Cherokee rear axles,after breaking stock (POS) axle 3 times figured there's gotta a better way so I just made one up myself. After some thought found I could use stock bearings and tangs(thingies rotor & sprocket bolt to) rear hubs are trash from the get go so a new hubs in order. I've truly beat and thrashed my axle , several jumps,ditches and just plain abuse that woulda long since destroyed a stock one and still a no warp's or breakage,almost tempted to say indestructible but ain't found much I can't destroy given time and the yee- haw factor. Also 3" wider than stock much more stable in corners and drifting at speed but don't turn well at a crawl so I break the back end loose and it turns just fine.

Jim P. - Texas 

-Kandi GKA-2 150cc

​-14G Flying Slider weights
-1500RPM main spring

Jim D. -Idaho

Manco 250cc conversion-

-Jim has taken a 150 gokart and not only restored it but also stuffed a 250cc motor in it and it's a Single seater too! Looks really good now. Gotta be wicked fast too, Especially when he's running KNM performance parts in it!

Adam has taken an old Honda Ruckus and stuffed a modified GY6 150 motor into it!
We like the "Naked look" and the white just makes it pop! Awesome job Adam

Adam - Beijiing, China

Ruckus Zoomer 150cc -(Bored to 200cc)

-KNM 250 Digital, Adjustable CDI/Coil combo
- DR2 Variator kit - 14gram sliders

Bob -

Freeedom 250cc

-KNM 250 Digital, Adjustable CDI/Coil combo

Jarrod and his whole Family play together on their Kinroad 150 buggy. 
Since donuts are their favorite past time, they have installed KNM's Level V Torque kit!

Jarrod ran into a problem installing his new DR2 Variator kit.
His CVT cover had reinforcement ribs that hit the variator fan so he took a dremmel to the cover and problem solved!

His Inventiveness, get's him into the KNM PIF Club (Pay it Forward). (5% off KNM parts for life!)

Jarrod -

Kinroad 150cc Raptor

-DR2 Variator kit - 10g lo and 12g hi
-Shorty Clutch kit - 1500rpm main spring
-KNM Long throw pulley
-KNM Racing 757 Kevlar belt

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-How did you do it?
-Why did you do it?
-Anything special that you think others will need to know if they wanted to attempt this mod themselves?

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Peter C. - USA

Carter Talon 150cc -

​-12G Slider weights
- Shorty clutch & Bell
-1500rpm Main spring
-743.20.30 Kevlar Belt

Steven C. - North Carolina

Honda Ruckus 150 -

-KNM's DDI 150 Digital adjustable AC CDI Coil combo w/ DC boost
-NGK Iridium Plug
-Port & Polished 180cc big bore
-30mm CVK Carburetor & Redneck Intake
-DR2 Variator kit
-Shorty Clutch & Bell w/ 1800 rpm arm springs
-Red Performance cooling fan
-T300 Camshaft
-842 20.30 Kevlar belt

We love the Honda Ruckus, especially when you do stuff like this to it! Sharp looking ride and notice the cool new Chinbone and fatty rear tire! We're sure this ride turns heads in NC!
​All you need now is a leather jacket and a cool pair of shades!

Peter was breaking a lot of belts. There was a lot of heat buildup under his CVT cover, probably from pushing the clutch hard regularly so to help keep things cooler, he's designed a ram air scoop with a filtered grill to push cool air into the box. Works like a charm and we love the idea.

Jim and his grandson made some nice plastic body panels using some ABS plastic and a heat gun. Great job guys and really makes your Kandi look much cooler!

Drew M.. - Colorado

-Roketa 150cc

​-Redneck intake & #120 main Rejet
-KNM DDI Digital AC CDI with DC boost
​-NGK Iridium Plug
-6 ply mud hog front tires
​-Vent holes in CVT cover