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CF250 - The transmission drain bolt is located right behind the brake rotor.

CN250 - The top oil bolt with the large flange in this picture contains a spring and screen shaped like a thimble. Clean out this screen before putting in new oil.

CN250 -The top bolt is for filling your transmission fluid and the bottom bolt is for draining. Fill with 80w90 oil until it comes out the top bolt hole. We use a squirt top bottle to fill.

Changing your fluids


Regardless of what size and type motor you have, you should always change the oil as one of the 1st things you do before you go out for your first ride. Warm up the motor just a bit then drain the shipping oil out, flush with a new Qt of cheap oil then replace your drain plug and fill with a quality 10w30 motor oil. You fill it until it just registers on your dip stick when the cap isn't screwed in. (Approx 23-25oz, (Just under a qt)


These motors come with very thin "Shipping Oil" in them, which means, it may have a faint smell of egg rolls :-) All sarcasm aside, it definitely isn't designed to break your motor in with and if you do, you could rob your motor of potential power forever.

The transmission oil is almost as critical as the motor oil and shouldn't be ignored. You can use a synthetic 80w90 oil here from day one and is recommended to do so. Change it out every 2500 miles or less or when it looses its amber color.


If you have a 250cc or better, you will most likely have a radiator. As with the shipping oil, the coolant the Chinese use for shipping is very low grade. We will flush and drain the radiator with plain water then fill it with a Prestone 50/50. You can use whatever quality coolant you like. Check your manual for proper ratios.

Transmission Oil


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We change the oil in a GT150 Gokart but this procedure is very similar in most motors, be it on a scooter or ATV too. You just need to locate your drain bolt. Follow your dipstick down and the drain bolt will be there somewhere.

Do this with a "Warm" engine, take your time and have fun!

Stick around at the end of the video for some bloopers too!

What weight / Brand to use and when?

Choosing your Oils

Most 150 and 250 machines will call for about a 5w40 weight Motor oil however, we put 10w30 in everything here because it is universal and works great!
Either way, you want to use a good quality, NON SYNTHETIC oil until the motor is good and broken in (This varies with each machine) and you want to do this before taking her out for it's very first ride and after that, change the oil often. We like to change it once it loses it's amber color! "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"
*NOTE: Avoid detergent type oils as they tend to foam up and we don't want that.

Note: On the 1st oil change, we sacrifice a whole quart of oil just to clean out the system. Manufacturing can leave small metal shavings in your motor and a quick warm wash of oil will help flush these out, saving you a lot of heartache down the road.

Once you are sure the motor is broken in, you can change over to a synthetic oil.
NOTE: Once you make the switch to synthetic oil, you can't go back!



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