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NEW vehicle PREP

KNM Manual

Download Step by step instructions on getting your new
scoot or Buggy on the road.

Roll bar Bolts and those funky looking washers

TIP: When installing your roll bars, do not tighten anything down until you have ALL the bolts and bars in place.

TIP: If your model has the plastic style brush bar washers, be careful not to over tighten or they will break!

TIP: If the bar is loose even after tightening, a little Duct tape around the "nub" when you install the roll bar will prevent any rattling!



Many, if not all of these machines from China, come with a users manual but nothing on how to put it together. It's not hard but can be confusing your first time.

Usually, you only need to hook up the fuel and air hoses on a scooter.
Go Karts will also need the seats & seat belts installed, roll bars, and assorted other items depending on your model.
It is always best to start with a large open area, clean up any packing material and lay everything out before you get started.
Very seldom are there any "Extra" nuts and bolts however, from what we've experienced, they are usually all there so if there are any "Extras",  you may want to check that you have everything with a bolt in it again.

Missing Bolts


Any time you take out a bolt, it is a good idea to use a couple dabs of BLUE (Med) loc-tite or similar product when you put them back in to prevent them from vibrating out on the road. We promise that if you don't, they'll start disappearing!

NEW SCOOTER / Go Kart Prep

Start on the right foot!

A quick overview of un-crating your new Scoot or GoKart and some little things you should do that will save you money and aggravation down the road!

Change the fluids!

Before you ride!

The shipping oil these machines come with, use the word "Oil" loosely. DO NOT break your motor in with this oil or you will never get the performance out of your motor you should have. Here's how...

When to mod?

Not now!

Break in your new ride and let her tell you what she needs before you go spending money on upgrades. Take care of the "Needs" first and many of the "Wants" will be taken care of in the process!
When you ARE ready, click below...

Electric Plugs

A little time here.....

Goes a long way! One of the digs on these Chinese machines are loose connections. Put a dab of gel super glue onto each wire, where it goes into the back of the plug and you'll never have a problem with them again!