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Other Common Issues


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Won't start?

Here's how you find what's wrong.
   Most starting issues will come down to a
Fuel, Air or Spark issue. Ryan & Tom walk you through the process of figuring it out.
These are also 3 areas that you can upgrade if you find an offending part and of course, you should buy your parts from KNM!







Top speed is way less than it used to be!

This can be a slew of things but if your motor is over a year old and you have checked all the common items listed here, it could be a simple valve setting.


Falls on its face!

"She idles fine but when I hit the gas, she bogs down and / or dies."
This usually caused by being
TOO LEAN or TOO RICH. If you've checked the stuff mentioned in the video, try a little...


Air filter, Vacuum hoses & Intake

Air plays an important part in your ride running right. Check that air filter is clean and all hoses are in good shape with no kinks or cracks and of course, are connected to the right places. 


Gas Tank, Filters, Carburetor

Gas Tank & Filter- Your fuel valve has a filter attached to it that goes into your tank as well as one on your fuel line. Bits of debris from manufacturing or just dirt, can clog the filter and reduce or prevent fuel flow.
There may also be ball bearings in your gas cap to prevent spillage in case your upside down for some reason :-)
These can become dirty and stick over the holes, creating a vacuum. If your bike runs for a few minutes then stops but after she sits for a while starts up again and runs for a few minutes then stops again, this could be your problem.

STATOR, COIL, CDI, Starter Relay

If you're getting a weak spark or none at all, it is probably with one of these parts.

The only way to be sure what is wrong when it's electrical in nature (without just replacing parts one at a time) is to run diagnostic checks on each part.

Here are a guide that has helped us do this.
Electrical Troubleshooting


Fuel, Air & Spark

When your ride won't start, chances are, one or more of these parts needs to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.


Just clicks

"I hear a click when I turn the key"
This is most likely your starter relay. A quick way to check it is to ground out the terminals with a screw driver and if it tries to start, you have a bad relay!



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Ethanol and your Carb
and other important things to know

Before you spend money...

If you left gas sit in your tank for more than a couple months, your carburetor is probably gunked up. Before buying a new carburetor, You could try to clean the jets you have first.

We use a bit of carb cleaner or brake cleaner, anything of that sort, in the bottom of a small bowl and let them soak for a few hours (Be careful to keep it away from any spark or flame!).

You can also use a wire cut from a wire brush to make sure all the holes are open. It's soft enough to not damage the jet but strong enough to get any gunk out that's going to come out. If you can't get them both clear then replace them.

Make sure you spark plug is OK as well because they can become fowled when you're having jetting issues. Check out our - Reading your Spark plug color chart

As a side note, when you store your vehicle for longer than 2-3 months, it's best to unhook the battery and bring it inside (especially in cold weather) and use some "Sta-Bil" in the tank. When you know you're putting it away for a while, put the proper amount of sta-bil or similar product according to the amount of gas you have left in the tank and run the buggy until it runs out of gas. This will get the Sta-bil "all up in there" and prevent the ethanol that's left from breaking down and causing you problems. Also draining any residual gas out of the carburetor through the bottom of the bowl after you run out of gas is an added insurance.

I hope this helps! Let us know how it goes.

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Your intake manifold is a common place to have an air leak, especially around the brass nipple. This will make your motor run LEAN (Too much air) and die when you hit the gas. You can spray a short burst of carb cleaner around the intake while running at idle and if you hear a change in idle, you have a leak. (PLEASE Use caution and small amounts when spraying cleaner near your engine)!